Manster Rebellion
Date 1025 PL
Location Manster
Result Fellowship of Miletos victory
Fellowship of Miletos Manster
Flag-maarsul Maar Sul
Raistlin II
Yurius (POW)
Flag-maarsul Kagetsu I

The Manster Rebellion took place in Manster a few days after the Ofuchi Usurpation in 1025 PL. King Kheldar, manipulated by Yurius, sent his armies to attack other nations while Grandbell was in chaos after the death of Taro Ofuchi. A fellowship consisting of Agarwaen, Alexis Luchester, Anoki Lain, Daventhalas de Mont Hault, Leon Alcibiates and Raistlin II decided to put an end to Yurius's reign of terror and hoped to defeat Yurius once and for all before the whole world would be destroyed.


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The death of Taro Ofuchi had left Grandbell in chaos. As its various provinces were preparing for an inevitable civil war for the right of succession, Manster decided to strike and take over the world. Yurius guided King Kheldar of Manster in this deed and eventually became the true threat of the war. A group of heroes known as the Fellowship of Miletos met a man named Agarwaen who wished to reclaim his throne that Kheldar had usurped. Thus began the Manster Rebellion.

The RebellionEdit

The fellowship faced many various deadly monsters such as Pink fluffy bunnies which tried to kill the heroes before the heroes could find the hidden magical items which were needed to defeat Yurius. It was during this lengthy campaign that Leon Alcibiates was saved from a certain death by Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul in his wolf form. Kagetsu allied with Yurius later on, hoping to break the bond that had been formed between him and his accidental summoner, Leon.


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The rebellion was successful in the end. Raistlin II managed to banish Yurius back to another plane of existence, and Agarwaen took back his rightful title as the King of Manster. However, Agarwaen's beloved, Princess Galadriel, lost her life during the ritual, which would have grave ramifications for the elven nation of Thracia and eventually lead to the splintering of its ruling house into multiple smaller elven kingdoms led by the late princess's brothers. Kagetsu's bond with Leon was broken, and he retreated to the borders of Verdane with his wife Marya and began reviving Maar Sul and building his power base in secret by sending summons to his loyal Andain generals to rejoin him.

Because everyone's eyes were focused on Manster, little attention was given to Grandbell whose provinces formed a council to figure out who should succeed their slain king. The peace within Grandbell was a tentative one at best and would eventually lead to the Grandbell Civil War during the Arawn Losstarot War.

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