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Geographic Information
Capital Meribia
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Mansteri
Political Information
Government Monarchy
King Agarwaen (133 ASS)
Historical Information
Age Second Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Manster was a nation in the Second Age which was ruled by King Kheldar and later by Agarwaen, and its capital was Meribia. It was the richest kingdom, ruled by the biggest hussler in the world. Manster was full of businessmen specializing in trade. The events of the Manster Rebellion eventually led to the deposing of Kheldar as Agarwaen took his rightful place as the true heir to the throne.


Eblana became Manster after the First Banishment.


Manster became a part of the continent of Remon after the Explosion.

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