Malakhia d'Zarnagon
Status: Alive (as Godslayer)
Age: Unknown
Race: Archdemon
Gender: Male
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Demon Realm
Clergy of Mardük (as Malakhia)
Fire Lizards (as Malakhia)
Grey Cult (as Godslayer)
"Let me tell you something, young one. I roamed on this world before you were even born! I witnessed the Chaos War and saw the rise and fall of such powerful people as the warlord Sydney Losstarot, the demon lord Yurius, the shamanic mage Taro Ofuchi and even the warlock Arawn Losstarot, descendant of Sydney! They all fell, and I remained! I defeated many archdemons and saw how Mardük, the God of Chaos, took over the body of a young hero, only to be sealed forever into an infernal prison! I witnessed continents moving, and the terror the Banishments of Yurius caused in this world. And you tell ME that I'm no better than you?! Who else than I could have survived all the catastrophes while serving all those villains? And why did I do all this, why did I influence the events in this world, guiding all the destuctive villains in the process to shape the fate of this world? I did it all, because I saw a vision of a future and of the part I am going to play in it. I am the FUTURE of this world!"
—Malakhia d'Zarnagon, to Omaroch d'Zarnagon

Grand Duke Malakhia d'Zarnagon, sometimes known as Rage, was an ancient archdemon who managed to cheat death several times. He was the husband of Grand Duchess Nhrakate and the father of Omaroch d'Zarnagon. He caused much grief while he roamed the earth, and he eventually orchestrated a grand plot which led to his resurrection as the Godslayer.


Early Years

Malakhia reigned as the Grand Duke for a long time. He was betrayed by his wife Nhrakate, however, and cast out of the Demon Realm into the world of mortals. At some point he lost his memories and began using the name Rage as he wandered around the world. He always appeared as a mere servant behind greater menaces such as Yurius but was actually pulling the strings in the background, playing gods and various mortal factions against one another. Even though his memories were gone, his cunning had remained. He faked his death many times in order to fool his opponents, and this worked every time.

Darkness Within

He got his memories back after the Explosion and began plotting to take over the world in full force. He took the identity of a noble Remonian knight named Cedric Malak and allied with a rogue group of knights called the Fire Lizards. This forced him to act against the Order of the Black Rose and his youngest son, Omaroch d'Zarnagon. He was eventually sucked into the Dragon Diamond thanks to the meddling of Omaroch who wanted to stop his plans of world domination. The Dragon Diamond remained in the Ruined Kingdom for decades.

Distreyd Era

Malakhia was set free by his grandson Kareth d'Zarnagon in 1006 AE, and the two merged with the dark dragon Frazzn'korth and transformed into the dreaded Godslayer in the depths of the Ruined Kingdom. In the end Malakhia's vision of the future came true as the emergence of the Godslayer caused the Cataclysm just like he had planned and ushered in a new era: The Age of Emptiness.

Godslayer Era

Main article: Godslayer

Aliases and Nicknames

The name Malakhia that used while he was suffering from amnesia.


Malakhia's form changed over the years, but his later human form resembled a middle-aged, white-haired man who wore a red armor. Think of an older Freddie Mercury in a fantasy setting.

Personality and Traits

A cruel, intelligent and manipulative person. His complex plots and his charisma made him into an archetypal magnificent bastard.

Powers and Abilities

Malakhia's powers were immense although he preferred to save his full strength for demanding battles. He was one of the most powerful red mages, and the difference between him and an ordinary red mage was that he was a skilled warrior and he also knew many high-level black and white magic spells, making him even more powerful than an average pure warrior or pure mage. His swordsmanship skills were beyond anything most people had ever seen.

In his guise as Cedric Malak he could summon minor fire elementals and he could not be harmed with fire at all. He could even absorb people's Innate Abilities and add them to his already impressive arsenal. In his full demon form he was very powerful and could renegerate quickly. He could breathe fire and fly for a long period of time. In short: he was an unstoppable killing machine.

However, his major flaw was his arrogance, and he was eventually bested by a group of people who worked together to defeat him. He had not anticipated co-operation among his enemies and that turned to be his downfall.


Antigonus de Ardyn

Malakhia's plans were often thwarted by Antigonus and the Order of the Black Rose. The man became a nuisance but Malakhia's minions failed to assassinate him. However, Malakhia soon discovered a way to get rid of such a powerful opponent by making him fight against Omaroch instead. This action helped Malakhia ensure that Omaroch would eventually destroy Antigonus and the Order.

Arawn Losstarot

Malakhia (as Rage) occasionally appeared in Arawn's mansion and hinted at a way how to tap power from Mardük. He hoped that Arawn would eventually leech enough power to accidentally set Mardük free, and then Malakhia could use his god Mardük and Arawn as a means to destroy his opponents in the Demon Realm. The plan backfired when Kagetsu I slew Arawn with Krystallopyr although it did result in the Explosion which wiped out the Andain who had been Malakhia's greatest opponents.

Belial de Ardyn

Malakhia managed to influence Antigonus through Belial. He also found out about Belial's connections to Vanna and ensured that demons would eventually find their way to the desert city. Belial was not happy working with demons, and his association with Malakhia eventually made him understand the threat Omaroch posed, but it came too late as the Order had already been decimated by then just as Malakhia had wanted to happen all along.

Cedric Malak

Malakhia ended up meeting a knight named Sir Cedric Malak in Remon. He saw ambition in the man and eventually tricked him and took his identity. Cedric was sent into an asylum, and Malakhia thought he would never see him again, but this turned out to be false when Cedric arrived with Omaroch to the Ruined Kingdom and gave his life to put an end to Malakhia's plans.


Malakhia (as Rage) kept a close eye on Drishnek and used his connections to influence Taro Ofuchi. He hoped to use Drishnek and the Underworld as a means to grow an undead army, but this plan failed when both Ofuchi and Drishnek were killed by the Fellowship of Miletos.


Malakhia found his match in Frazzn'korth who was as devious as he was. Both planned to use the other for their own ends, but things backfired when they ended up inside the same Dragon Diamond where they remained until Kareth d'Zarnagon transformed them and himself into the Godslayer.


Jemuel used various smaller demons who did his bidding, and it was Malakhia (as Rage) who had provided him with these creatures. Malakhia hoped to weaken the state of Cardia by backing up Jemuel who predictably usurped power in the kingdom.

Kareth d'Zarnagon

Malakhia found a good target in his grandson Kareth who he manipulated to set him free. His influence twisted Kareth's mind and eventually ensured his victory when Kareth released him and Frazzn'korth from the Dragon Diamond and fused into the Godslayer.

Nhrakate d'Zarnagon

Malakhia and Nhrakate got along so well that Malakhia did not even realize he had been betrayed until it was too late. He lost his memories during his banishment from the Demon Realm and only realized millennia later that his wife had betrayed him. This led to Malakhia's plan to wipe out the demon race with the help of Frazzn'korth.

Omaroch d'Zarnagon

Malakhia had never cared much about his progeny. Omaroch messed up his plans several times, and infuriated him. Malakhia revealed that he was in fact Omaroch's father prior to their climactic duel in the Ruined Kingdom. Despite their bloodline Omaroch fought against his father and sealed him into the Dragon Diamond.


Malakhia really pissed Shakkan off when he sent his minions to steal the Dragon Diamond and slaughtered several of Shakkan's dear Dire Wolves. The two had two duels, but each time Shakkan lost because Malakhia was leeching power from the Dragon Diamond. He caused Shakkan much grief by single-handedly slaying Heath, a minor goddess who had been Shakkan's dear friend.

Sydney Losstarot

Malakhia (as Rage) partially influenced Sydney to start a world-wide war of conquest, and he backed up Sydney's faction and helped it rise to prominence in Lea Monde after the death of King Renu Nefarious.

Taro Ofuchi

Malakhia (as Rage) was instrumental in helping discover the magic sword Krystallopyr which ended up in Ofuchi's possession for a while. He used Drishnek to provide Ofuchi with various unholy creatures that did Ofuchi's bidding.


Malakhia (as Rage) worked for Yurius, but even in his amnesiac state he secretly plotted against Yurius although his demonic side made him want to destroy as much stuff as possible.

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