This article is about a monkey vizier. For the human pirate, see Makoto Ubasuna.
Status: Unknown
Age: 14
Race: Monkey
Gender: Male
Class: Bureaucrat
Nation: Aison
Faction: Monkey Land
Era: Third Age

Makoto was the vizier of Banana City of Monkey Land during King Mungo XXXIII's absence. He came across a party of adventurers which included Vauldorf Springer, and he initially mistook Vauldorf for the missing monkey king but later realized that Vauldorf in fact carried the monkey god BONKERS within him. Makoto tasked Vauldorf and the party to find the Unbent Banana and returned it to Banana City before King Mungo XIII's evil half-brother Chee-Chee would find it. However, the adventuring party failed in this mission. Makoto's fate after the Yamatian Invasion remains unknown.

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