Madeline Emmenson
Status: Dead (possibly)
Age: 39
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age

Madeline Emmenson née Rexxic was the wife of Raul Emmenson and a former member of the Union Workers who ended up working with Thistle Grove, a rogue cell which was growing its power and trying to achieve some vague end against the Union's interests. Madeline and Raul met during their assignments in the Union and had a few happy years of marriage until thieves from Thistle Grove got Madeline addicted to a drug which periodically turned her hostile against Raul. Since then she and Raul fought in an annual battle in Alent, but Raul hoped that he could one day free her from her addiction and make the treacherous Thistle Grove pay for what they've done to Madeline. It turned out that the addiction was more dangerous than he thought, and it's assumed that Raul ended up killing Madeline in the duel although her death has never been fully confirmed.

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