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Some city with a cool name.
Some port city.
Home of, as Scuns would say, n*****s.
Gregor was a Scun explorer who planned to sail the river running through the desert and raise a grand castle to live in. It sunk. The original site of the castle was still close to water and had arable land, though, so a city sprung up around the hole where Gregor's first castle used to be.
After his folly in Gregor's Folly, Gregor sailed further downsteam and built another castle. It did not sink. Hence the reference to joy.
A trading city which hates Matheson.
A trading city which hates Jardine.
The capital of the Kingdom of Maar Sul.
Home of the faux-Irish?
Home of the faux-Scottish.
Home of the faux-French.


Some random city.
A town down by the laituri, I mean, river.
The capital of Scundia.
A town by the sea.
A hole filled with shit.


Home of the nomadic, horse-riding faux-Mongols known as Khitans.
A peninsula which nobody cares about.
  • Thisisa River
A long river that goes all the way from Caer Goddard to Rivertown.
  • Ruins
Some random Scunnish ruins.

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Maar Sul
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