Maar Sul Gang War
Date 1017 AE
Location Maar Sul City, Maar Sul
Result Draw
Tga crestmatheson Matheson Crime Family Flag-nightstalkers Nightstalkers
Flag-totenkopfs Totenkopfs
Flag-maarsul SAVAGE
Tga crestmatheson Koryaksky Matheson 
Tga crestmatheson Rafe
Flag-nightstalkers Nivek Cheavin
Flag-totenkopfs Thrax
Flag-maarsul George Bush
Flag-maarsul Lieutenant X

The Maar Sul Gang War was a conflict between the Nightstalkers led by Nivek Cheavin and a branch of the Matheson Crime Family led by Koryaksky Matheson which took place in Maar Sul City in 1017 AE. It also involved the Totenkopfs, SAVAGE and various Maar Sulais police officers such as the mysterious Lieutenant X and Detective-Lieutenant Arthur Fonzarelli. The gang war ended in a draw after all sides had suffered heavy casualties.




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