Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northern Libaterra
Size Town
Societal Information
Language(s) Elvish
Race(s) Elves
Ethnic group(s) Fraquid
Religion(s) Gormin, Ito
Political Information
Government Duchy
Faction(s) Guardians of Traquine, House of Luiman
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Luma is the seemingly least important of the three Fraquid towns, and it is the source for all foodstuffs on Traquine. The Fraquid discovered a way to far through snow and ice, though most would rather settle for a tasty snow rabbit over a heavily frozen potato any day. Its ruling tribe is Luiman (pronounced: Luee-min).

Contains: Market, Farming community, Public House, Inn, Refiner's (for refining the spoils of their farming into edible products), slaughter houses, Dairy, Hatchery, Rabbit houses (for storing snow rabbits for slaughter at a later date).

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