Status: Alive
Age: 40
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Faction: Valencia

Luciana is the Captain of the Holy Company in the Kingdom of Valencia's Armed Forces in the Fourth Age. She oversees the training of new paladins.


Early YearsEdit

Luciana was born in Libaterra in the Third Age. She joined the small paladin order in Ridgefort under Sir Petyr Jackson after the Great War and helped protect the small but thriving town against various threats such as bandits and marauders.

Third AgeEdit

Godslayer EraEdit

Luciana and her fellow paladin Nordstrom Weiss found an injured Sinlarine girl in their home town during the Battle of Alent and heard the girl repeat the cryptic phrase "Red Queen" over and over again after they had taken her to Petyr for treatment. They witnessed Petyr doing his best to heal the girl and put her to sleep, after which they returned to their duties.

Interim YearsEdit

After the devastating end of the Second Great War, Luciana and her fellow paladins helped take in refugees and survivors from the conflict as Ridgefort gradually expanded its area of influence and grew into the Kingdom of Valencia. She was appointed as Captain of the Holy Company, and oversaw the training of new paladins for this new unit in the capital of the new kingdom.

Fourth AgeEdit

Herald of the DawnEdit

Luciana was up early in the morning, having a friendly sparring match with the king that lasted until nearly ten o'clock. Then they breakfasted, and she went off to train her unit.

Names and TitlesEdit

Dame-Paladin Luciana
Her full title as a paladin
Her name, what she is called
Her logical nickname, but she seems averse to it.



Personality and TraitsEdit

Determined and stern.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Knows white magic and how to fight with swords and shields.



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