Losstarot Clan
Geographic Information
Societal Information
  • Master
  • Lord
  • Prince
  • Warlord
Current head Hannibal Losstarot
Race(s) Humans
Enemies Grand Alliance
Historical Information
"Losstarot. It was a name to inspire fear and terror, not only in children but in those adults who knew the truth, for generations after his death. Although Sydney Losstarot had used many women as toys and fathered many children, he systematically hunted down and slew any of his offspring in fear that one day they might challenge him for the leadership of his empire. The man had shook the world on its foundations and cast the nations into a global war. What many didn't know was that more than one son of Sydney Losstarot had survived."
—From the opening narration of Descendants of Losstarot

The Losstarot Clan is a family of warlords who have shaped the history of the Land of the Living over the three ages. The line became infamous with Warlord Sydney Losstarot whose actions ushered in a devastating war which ravaged many nations. Later one of his descendants, Arawn Losstarot, continued his work, which led to a catastrophe which reshaped the world. Presently the line continues in Glaurung Losstarot and her son Hannibal Losstarot who intend to finish what Sydney began: total domination of the world under the Losstarots' banner. The family is also connected to the demon lord Yurius due to the pact which Sydney made with him before his demise.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs, or (in the case of Sydney and Yurius) adoption

Marthe Lain
Sydney Losstarot
Christy Lain
Arnaud Lain
adoptive son
Rhys Lain
Several generations
Several generations
Anoki Lain
Arawn Losstarot
Marya Aurelac
Rhys Lain II
(aka Foundling)
Several generations
Several generations
Leopold Lain
Kamen Grimgaze
Glaurung Losstarot
Hannibal Losstarot

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