This article is about a Libaterran immigrant family. For the Libaterran royal family, see House of Locken.
Locke Family
Geographic Information
Base Valencia (Fourth Age)
Societal Information
Founder Fotiacles
Current head Osmond Cordae Locke
Race(s) Humans
Patron deity Hephaestus
Historical Information

The Locke Family was originally an Aisonian family but relocated to the town of Ridgefort in Libaterra after the Cataclysm in the Third Age. In the Fourth Age, they reside in Valencia. The present head of the family is Osmond Cordae Locke. They are descended from an Andain called Fotiacles.

Family TreeEdit

Uncounted generations
Oscar Locke
Melana Locke
Osmond Cordae Locke
Aegle Locke
Lucius Locke
Aurora Locke


Were any historian well-traveled enough and interested enough to find all the records and stories regarding this family and the descendants of Fotiacles and compile it into a comprehensive family tree, the result would be at least thirty feet long and five feet wide.

The family has an heirloom sword that is called The Oath of Order. No one knows its true age.

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