Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northwestern Libaterra
Size Large town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Political Information
Faction(s) Rebels
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Libermata was a big town located on Dreamer's Death in Northwestern Libaterra which was populated by Rebels. It was only called a city because of the number of temples it housed and it was slightly larger than the other towns. There had been great suspicion among the Rebels as to why it was really made a city, and many suspected that Mae Torazo, the former leader of the Rebels, had believed herself to have been born on Dreamer's Death. No one knew the true reason, only that it was a city and it had grown sharply. It was fairly scruffy in appearance but much loved by its citizens.

After the Cataclysm, Dreamer's Death sunk beneath the waves, taking its settlements, among them Libermata, with it.

Contains: Most Temples, Blacksmith, Inn, Public houses, Artificer, Armor smith, Equipment shop, Healing worker, school.

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