Status: Presumed deceased
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Ancient Maar Sul
Faction: Andain
Era: First Age

Lester was the mortal lover of Amaranth of the Andain who participated in the War of the Andain.


Early YearsEdit

Lester's genesis is unknown. He showed up on the world stage at the same time as Amaranth, and served with her in the War of the Andain. He trained in magic under the famous magus Lassiter Silverbranch.

War of the AndainEdit

Lester was essentially just along for the ride in the war because of Amaranth's participation.

After WarEdit

Lester disappeared from public view at the same time as Amaranth. Theoretically he could still be alive, since Amaranth cast a web of immortality upon him, similar to the one that kept Marya Aurelac de Maar Sul going for so long. He did not, however, rejoin nor oppose Kagetsu when Kagetsu was revived during the Arawn Losstarot War.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lester was a brilliant magician, mathematician, and strategist. He was frequently able to lead outnumbered armies to victory.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Perhaps the only reason Lester was not more strongly remembered as a great magician is that his achievements were overshadowed by Lassiter Silverbranch, who was a much more powerful mage.



Amaranth and Lester were lovers.

Galen GrimwrathEdit

Galen was Lester's friend.

Lassiter SilverbranchEdit

Lassiter was Lester's mentor.


Strahl of the Andain was Lester's friend.

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