Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Children of Paedün
Creator deity Paedün
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan 5,000 years
Region(s) Adlehyde (First Age)
Language(s) Common
Height Tall
Weight Average
Skin color Pale to tanned
Hair color Varies
Distinctions Resemble tall, muscular humans but have thicker bone structure, great crafters
Historical Information
Succeeded by Humans

Lefein were a race which resembled tall and muscular humans but had thicker bone structure and could rival dwarven and elven smiths in metallurgy. They were the finest engineers to have lived in the Land of the Living and created advanced machinery, including airships and power armors, until the gods deemed them and their god Paedün too arrogant and sealed them into another plane of existence during the events of the Lefein Expedition. Only three lefein survived this fate and were known as Daventhalas de Mont Hault, Koschei Dravaris and Kusobaba d'Arioc, the former two having survived to the Third Age. It is speculated that the lefein are the forefathers of humans.

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