Lebenslied, also known as Chants and Songs of Life, is a tome of magical bard songs. It and its sister book, Totentanz, played a crucial role in the awakening of Haruko Mizushima during the Day of the Damned in Reign and the related awakening of Gilgamesh in Ciano in 1017 AE. The book was carried by Corwin Finian until it was stolen by Arcturius who has become its present holder.

List of SongsEdit

The tome contains dozens of famous and obscure songs from past ages. Some of the named songs that are included are:

  • "Ballad of the Hunter's Moon"
  • "Chanson de Reynard" (Song of Fox)
    • Opens any lock
  • "Chant of Awakening"
    • Wakes up the target regardless of how deep a slumber they're in
  • "Fear Not This Night"
  • "The Forgiven Traitor"
  • "Geisslerlied" (Flagellant Song)
  • "Hoist the Colours"
  • "Into the West"
    • Forms a protective ward around the bard
  • "Lament of the Stormborn"
  • "The Last Unicorn"
  • "Maaemon Laulu" (Song of the Earthmother)
  • "My Beard is on Fire"
  • "Rains of Castamere" (Caution! Do Not Sing in Weddings!)
  • "Shanty of the Jolly and Unpaid Crew of Captain Bashkar the Drape-Lover and His Behemoth of a Wife"
  • "Shima Uta" (Song of Island Priestess)
  • "Siren's Lullaby" (Caution! Incomplete transcription! Dangerous to untrained ears and singers! Do not sing or finish it!)
  • "Song of Calming"
    • Calms down the target
  • "Suteki da ne" (Isn't It Wonderful)

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