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The Laws of the Andain refer to a set of rules which all of the Andain followed to the best of their knowledge. Every Andain had to figure out these laws by themselves, and for some the search for the laws and their meanings took years. These seemingly ordinary words have power within which anyone, including mortals, can access as long as they can figure out the true meanings behind the words. This knowledge helped the mortal Hiroshi Hayabusa defeat the evil shamanic mage Taro Ofuchi during the Ofuchi Usurpation. The laws were eventually written into the Book of Kagetsu albeit in such a manner that only a person adept at Andain magic could discover the words from the seemingly incomprehensible text.

The Laws[]

  1. There is power in paradox.
  2. Should a Sage's word fail, so too shall their power.
  3. An Andain's power is augmented by his oaths.
  4. Seek, and you shall not find.
  5. Take caution, for there is always a consequence you did not anticipate.

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