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Status: Alive
Age: Eternal
Race: God
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess
Nation: High Plane
"You should know that oaths are meaningless when I'm involved...including oaths I may have made."
—Laverna to Adela al-Saif

Laverna is the Goddess of Thievery and Thieves, daughter of Tiamat, sister of Dionysus and mother of the kitsune. She is also the patron deity of the Clergy of Laverna and its offshoots, most notably the Dwarven Triad, although several other more spiritually attuned thieves from other guilds follow her teachings to some extent, the most notable doctrine being the Code of Thieves. She was trapped inside her high cleric Haruko Mizushima's body, and they both were sealed into a magical crystal which remained dormant for a long time until 1017 AE when the Triad summoned the crystal in Reign and released Haruko--and Laverna--back to the Land of the Living. Laverna was reunited with Dionysus during the Battle of Malperdy after which her spirit hid itself in Nozomi Mizushima, one of Haruko's twins, while Dionysus possessed the other twin, Zetsubou Kobayashi so they could carry out the next phase of their complex plan to find their missing mother Tiamat. Laverna stayed dormant within the baby until the Battle of Devilfish Strait when the party carrying the twins found the sanctuary of Tiamat whose presence stirred Laverna from her slumber. Laverna, Dionysus and Shakkan confronted Tiamat while the various parties who had witnessed their clash barely escaped with their lives.

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