House of Barca
Geographic Information
Country Aison
Societal Information
Current head Patrick Lassiter
Race(s) Humans
Allies Aison
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Lassiter Family is a family of farmers in Aison led by their patriarch Patrick Lassiter. With the exception of Rhett Lassiter, they have lived a relatively peaceful life in their home kingdom despite facing the horrors of Yamatian Invasion, Great War and the Cataclysm. The present state of the family is unknown after the Grey Cult's takeover of Aison.

Family TreeEdit

Patrick Lassiter
Olivia Lassiter
Rhett Lassiter
Tristan Lassiter
Isabelle Lassiter
Genevieve Lassiter
Esperansa Lassiter
Aiden Lassiter
Laurent Lassiter

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