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Land of the Living
Geographic Information
  • Earth
  • The World
Region(s) Mortal realm
Societal Information
Race(s) Various races, Various creatures
Political Information
Government Various

The Land of the Living is a realm where various mortal races, peoples and creatures live in.


Mists of Time[]

Before recorded history, the world consisted of one megacontinent which was ruled by the nation of Sul'gar Minh until the nation fell for reasons that became shrouded over the millennia.

First Age[]

In the early years of the First Age, the world was initially divided between Barjassil and Ancient Maar Sul, and the founding of the latter marks the beginning of the Maar Sul Genesis calendar and thus the beginning of the recorded history of the world.

After the War of the Andain, the world was ruled by the new Empire of Alent which annexed the remains of the two nations which had preceded it.

After the fall of the Alentian empire, the world was divided between the nations of Adlehyde, Cardia, Dar'Cenrath, Eblana, Nefarious (known as Lea Monde after the Chaos War), and Zeal.

The First Banishment ended the First Age, and the former kingdoms fell while new ones rose to replace them.

Second Age[]

In the Second Age, the world was divided between Augustia, Grandbell, Isaac, Maar Sul (which re-emerged after the Ofuchi Usurpation), Manster, Miletos, Scundia (which gained independence after the Grandbell Civil War), Silecia, Thracia, and Verdane.

The Explosion ended the Second Age, and new kingdoms replaced the old ones.

Third Age[]

In the Third Age, the world was divided between Aison, Libaterra, Maar Sul, Remon, Scundia, and Yamato. The Cataclysm affected the world, rearranging the continents and granted the nations access to one another via landmass for the first time in over a millennium.

Fourth Age[]

In the Fourth Age, the world has fractured again into multiple continents and islands as well as new landmasses that have risen since the Catastrophe. The exact names of most of the continents and islands as well as the sovereign states of various sizes within have not been chronicled.

The Northern Continent is divided between Western, Central and Eastern Regions which are known or speculated to have at least the following sovereign states:

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