The Lament of the Stormborn is an ancient song about the Stormborn, a religious people from the First Age who worshipped the Sky, the Storm, the Sun and the Four Winds, and is one of the songs listed in the Lebenslied song book. It chronicles a tragic tale of the last days of the Stormborn as they face what is known as the Betrayer in a final battle and perish but not before the only survivor passes on the song to a new generation. Although the lament contains straightforward passages, it has cryptic stanzas as well, which give it an air of mystery because little information about the Stormborn has survived to the present day.


They gaze upon us from above and below
The ever-watching eyes
We hear the wail of the ancient willow
Under the autumn sky
Two there are, two there must be
One above and one below
The eyes declare, the song confirms
Each one shall dimly glow.

When one is found, the other is lost
It must not remain that way
Their power must course through our veins
And see the end of day
In the eye of the storm we bestow our strength
To those who break the chains
The hills must shake, the mountains must crumble
Until only our lament remains.

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