Krystallopyr was a crystal sword originally wielded by Taro Ofuchi, a Black Shaman with dreams of world domination.


Krystallopyr is believed to have been originally forged during the War of the Andain. Who made it is lost in the mists of time, but no reference has been found to it prior to Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul's declaration of war on the gods.


What made Krystallopyr special is that, when given its True Name (spelled Krystallopýr with italics mandatory in the RP), it would drain the lifeforce of any living thing that happened to be touching it and store it as magical energy. This enabled Ofuchi to chain-cast any spells he wanted without tiring himself out. In a sense Krystallopyr was a stronger variant of the Dagger of Renu which also had life-leeching properties.

Any mortal being in contact with Krystallopyr's crystal would be instantly killed and turned to ash by the blade's power. The only one to touch the blade and live was Leon Alcibiates who, during his Andain days, had enough life force to fully charge Krystallopyr and still live.

Krystallopyr was used by Kagetsu to kill Arawn Losstarot and cause the Explosion during the Arawn Losstarot War.


The energies unleashed by the Explosion shattered Krystallopyr, but shards of it were found in later days. Some of these shards were used by the likes of Distreyd Thanadar XII and Hideyoshi Ofuchi. Leon Alcibiates destroyed one shard in Remonton during the First Battle of Remonton, another was possessed by Mori'sul Agara and eventually ended in the hands of the Clergy of Artemicia until that shard was destroyed in Vanna during the Battle of Vanna. No other known shards exist anymore.

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