Status: Alive
Age: 17
Race: Nymph
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Nymphs
Era: Third Age

Kleodora is a nymph who lived in Survivor's Woods in Libaterra. She ended up teleported to a forest near Lawfin with her sisters Daphnis and Melaina. Due to her erratic behaviour, she and her sisters were subdued and taken to safety by a group led by Axikasha Keiran. She later tried to kidnap Arcturius in Trinity Gask and take him to her home so the nymphs could have a male to mate with to preserve their race, but she accidentally affected Arc's friend Beira instead. Arc, believing Beira to have died, gave chase to Kleodora with the intent to kill her in revenge, which led him and several others into the forest and resulted in the Battle of Survivor's Woods. After the battle was over and the nymphs were liberated from the thrall of Aibell, Kleodora and Arc reconciled, and she gave him advice and some ingredients to help awaken Beira before departing with the rest of the nymphs.

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