Kitsune Mori
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Fox Forest
Type Forest
Region Eastern Yamato
Societal Information
Language(s) Kitsune
Race(s) Kitsune
Political Information
Faction(s) Myobu Clan, Nogitsune Clan
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Kitsune Mori, or Fox Forest, is an enchanted forest currently located on Jihao, deep in Eastern Yamato. It was originally located on Falgorn until fluctuations in magic caused by the Cataclysm made it teleport to its current location although the reason why the Cataclysm only affected the forest that way remains unclear. Inside the forest dwell the kitsune, a race of mystic and intelligent foxes capable of various illusionary magic. Once inside, few mortals ever venture out again. The woods is populated by the Myobu and the Nogitsune clans, or white and black kitsune. Kitsune Mori has remained a neutral zone, siding with neither humans nor demons.

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