Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Central Libaterra
Size Large town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Elvish
Race(s) Elves
Ethnic group(s) Hisakata Elves
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Kirsa was the home town of the Hisakata Elves of Libaterra. It was self contained and ran efficiently by its occupants, who did not cherish the visits of outsiders. It, like the Itican Sanctuary, remained unrevealed until recently, having been the victim of military attacks from Libaterra's former regents who had not revealed the existence of the half-demon village to the rest of Libaterra. Discovered by the Yamatians during the Yamatian Invasion, they were passed over but had made the Hisakata clan promise allegiance in return for not destroying the clan. After the Faerfolc Rampage and the Cataclysm, it's unknown whether Kirsa still has Hisakata Elves living in it.

Contains: Ranger's encampments, Warriors hovels, Assassin's lairs, Mercenary's barracks, Mage's circle, Temple of the Burning Blood, Markets, Farming communitie, Slaughter houses, Dairy, Hatchery, Baker's, Orchards, Public houses, Armor smith, Sword smith, Black smith, Weapon smith, Carpenter, Artificer, Enchanter's, School, Training camps, Graveyard.

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