The King and Queen's Ball was an event held in Alent in the autumn of 1017 AE to honour the alliance between the Magicracy of Alent, the Grand Alliance and the refugees from the Sultanate of Karaganda as well as the coming end of the harvest season. It also served as a subtle means to keep the agitated Sarquil refugees distracted long enough so that Alentians could prepare their forces to quell any riot that might arise between the denizens of the Sarquil Downs and Threshold districts.

The ball was named after the four royal figures who were present and who represented the Alliance and the Sultanate: Kings Marcus Sarillius and Khasra III, and Sultan Khalid al-Saif and Sultana Axikasha Keiran. However, due to the demoness Lust's meddling, the originally relaxed ball turned much more passionate than anyone could've expected, and Lust's end goal was to escalate it into an all-out orgy which would spread throughout Alent and weaken it for an eventual Eastern Horde invasion.

The Black Mages band played several romantic songs during the ball to set the romantic mood, and it had notable soloists such as Crowe Lley and Ayumi Hamasaki as lead singers.


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