After Cataclysm

Before Cataclysm

Geographic Information
Type Island
Region Eastern Aison
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Elvish
Race(s) Elves, Itica (until 1017 AE)
Political Information
Faction(s) Grey Cult (since 1006 AE), Syndicate (until Zeranafska's birth)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Khrima used to be the northern island of the Eastern Isles in Eastern Aison. When the Cataclysm struck, several islands, including Beryl Isle and Megland, collided with it and formed what is now known as the Grand Eastern Isle although commoners still call the region in the plural form--the Eastern Isles--to honour the memories of the once separated islands. It became the northern portion of the new Grand Isle.

Khrima was also where the Syndicate, a secret elven order, resided and where Zeranafska was born, and the few known details of this order were written down by the Keepers for future generations after the Syndicate's members died to the Blood Fever.

After a group led by Harrad U'niviel freed Zeranafska from the Syndicate's temple, it triggered a destructive mechanism and released a hybrid elemental, the Watcher, which made the Khrima portion of the larger island sink into the sea. A large group of Itica, led by Shiro Neko and BoB the Jaguar, had resided on the island for a decade after the Cataclysm but had to relocate when the island sunk.


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