King Kheldar was the ruler of Manster in the Second Age of tGA. He was witty, a cheat, gambler, occasionally(if not often) a drunk, and generally provided comic relief at the Council meetings of the Kings. King Gunthar could not stand him.

Official records claimed that Kheldar had been given the crown when the former king, a relative, had passed away with no heir. However, the truth was in fact different: the former king had had a son, Agarwaen, whose throne Kheldar had usurped.

Kheldar came under the influence of a mage named Yurius who he made his advisor. Soon Yurius revealed his true colours and slowly took over the kingdom from Kheldar who could do nothing but watch. Yurius and Kheldar sent the armies of Manster to neighbouring nations in hopes of conquering them. However, they faced opposition from these kingdoms and even from within when a group of freedom fighters led by long-lost Agarwaen appeared to cause trouble in this event which would be known as the Manster Rebellion.

In the end Yurius and Kheldar were defeated, and Agarwaen became the King of Manster.

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