Keiwhin Wisteria
Status: Alive
Age: 80
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: White Mage
Nation: Maar Sul

Princess Keiwhin Wisteria née Aurelac is the present matriarch and Duchess of the House of Wisteria. She is the wife of the late Duke Sen Wisteria, mother of Ademar Wisteria and Alistair Wisteria, and sister of the late King Remy Aurelac and Prince Leon Aurelac. Kagetsu II regarded her as his favorite aunt. Like her sons, Keiwhin is a cunning politician with a sharp mind and tongue and has sided with King Geraden Aurelac and the True Aurelac in the Fourth Age.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Her title as the head of the House of Wisteria.
Lady Wisteria
What she's often referred as.
Princess of Maar Sul
Her title in the House of Aurelac.

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