Kazuya Ofuchi
Status: Dead
Age: 50 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ronin
Nation: Remon
Era: Third Age
"My Lord King, I am Kazuya Redeemer, Daimyo of the Akai Tora. We are the descendents of those who remained behind when our people in Grandbell departed from Yamato. One of my ancestors once usurped the throne of Grandbell, and the Akai Tora are those who would remain behind to atone for that sin. We have seen the vision of Tes Pellaria, and believe this our chance to redeem the sins of the past. We--and I--are at your service."
—Kazuya Ofuchi to Marcus Sarillius

Kazuya Ofuchi, also known as Kazuya Redeemer, was of the Redeemer line of the Ofuchi Clan and a direct descendant of Nobuhiro Ofuchi. He was the leader of the Akai Tora in the early days of the Great War and the father of Hideyoshi and Miyuki. He was killed by Yousei Kaizoku during the Battle of Folsworth Woods.


Early YearsEdit

"Although Hiro Redeemer succeeded in installing Sir Lysander as King of Grandbell, still his intent failed, for in the transitional period, Miletos exploded in fire, and the Kingdom fell. For this failure, our dishonor has increased. Until my family name is redeemed, I shall not take it up again."
—Kazuya to Leon Alcibiates

Kazuya Redeemer and the Akai Tora lived in Remon during the Third Age. Not much is known about Kazuya's past except that he fathered Hideyoshi and Miyuki and trained them in the art of war while he and his men opposed the Yamatians who had invaded Remon. Kazuya and Miyuki chose not to address themselves as members of the Ofuchi Clan and instead kept the name Redeemer until they would finally redeem their family name.

Distreyd EraEdit

Kazuya and the Akai Tora saw the vision of Tes Pellaria and travelled to meet Marcus Sarillius and the Fellowship of Tes Pellaria. The Akai Tora fought off a Yamatian scouting party and pledged themselves to Marcus's cause in hopes of finally redeeming the Ofuchi name. Kazuya and his men served Marcus loyally and helped Marcus grow the fellowship into what would become known as the Grand Alliance. He also played a crucial role during the Beastmaster Incident by protecting elven villages from the onslaught of the Beastmaster's minions.


"Less talk and more fighting; you said so yourself!"
—Kazuya to Yousei Kaizoku

Kazuya found Yousei Kaizoku, one of the leaders of the Yamatian army, during the battle. Seeing a chance to capture or defeat an influential commander, Kazuya challenged Yousei to a duel. The men fought bravely but in the end Yousei used deceit and dealt the finishing blow. Although Kazuya had fallen, the duel had prevented Yousei from overseeing the battle for a short while, which helped the Grand Alliance press onward and cause havoc in the Yamatian fortress.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Kazuya Redeemer
Kazuya and his men used this name because Kazuya did not feel himself to be worthy of bearing the Ofuchi surname until his clan's name had truly been redeemed from its vile past.


Kazuya was clad in the traditional Akai Tora uniform. He was an athletic Yamatian-looking man with dark features. His features looked softer than his ancestor Taro Ofuchi's although the face appeared anything but soft. His hair was longer than Taro Ofuchi's had been, and his cold, blue-eyed gaze looked positively hawkish, whereas Taro's had been more wolven in nature.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A stern and brave man who was also a gifted strategist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kazuya was skilled with the blade and was thus a deadly adversary in battle.

Innate Ability: Kazuya could make water boil for a few seconds.


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