Status: Undead
Age: 5000
Race: Undead
Gender: Female
Class: Red Mage
Faction: Dragons

Matriarch Katla the White was the leader of the dragons of the Roost in Aison, mate of Patriarch Khellendros the Blue, and mother of Zirnitra the Golden. She lived to an old age and witnessed the passing of time all the way from the First Age to the Third Age. She met the Fellowship of Magestar during the Great War and gave them vital information about the Cricket Ball of Magic through her connection with dragonborn Abel Highwind. She reunited with Abel, who was calling himself Cain, during the Second Great War and had him and his companions witness the birth of her granddaughter Delphyne before dying of old age. However, the old Matriarch was raised as a dragolich by Drishnek not long after, and set to the skies and headed for Alent with Cain, Drishnek and the kidnapped Delphyne.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What she became known as after she was raised as an undead.
Her title as leader of the dragons.

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