Kasandra Caine
Status: Alive
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Trinity Gask
Faction: Mullencamp
Era: Fourth Age

Kasandra Caine is a member of the Mullencamp of Trinity Gask in the Fourth Age. 20 years after the Catastrophe, she let a suspicious merchant into the city, which resulted in a suicide bombing attack. Kasandra abandoned her post shortly after the attack and was last seen heading into the Survivor's Woods. Armata De Milan was sent into the forest to retrieve her and ultimately did so with help from Osmond Cordae Locke and a mysterious woman called Freyja although Kasandra was severely injured in the clash. Before being subdued by the party, Kasandra underwent a metamorphosis as her latent powers awakened, creating a shadow which separated from her eventually materialized as Other Kasandra.

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