Karima al-Nassar
Status: Alive
Age: 29
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Sultanate of Karaganda
Era: Third Age

Sheikha Karima al-Nassar is the ruler of the town of Yunefas in the Sultanate of Karaganda. She relocated to Alent with the other refugees after the Battle of Vanna. After losing both her parents in the attacks of the Northern Horde, she assumed the title of sheikha as the new leader of her tribe, which makes her the youngest representative in the Sarquil council of elders. She owns many slaves, one of whom is Nisiopi, Imam of the desert elves.

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Karima al-Nassar
Nassar Tribe
988 AE
Sarquil nobility
Preceded by
Sheikha of Yunefas
1017 AE–present
Succeeded by

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