Kamen Grimgaze
Status: Alive
Age:  ???
Race: ???
Gender:  ???
Class: ???
Nation:  ???
Faction: Totenkopfs
Era: Third Age

Kamen Grimgaze, commonly known as the Master, is the mysterious leader of the Totenkopfs and the mastermind of many plots that have taken place all around the world during the Second Great War, most notably the spread of the dreaded Blood Fever and the Plague of Undeath. Some of the higher-ranking Totenkopfs, whom the Grand Alliance has captured and interrogated during the Second Great War, have claimed that the Master is a human male with magical powers, but because of the Totenkopfs' treacherous nature it remains unclear whether such statements can be considered fact or misdirection as Totenkopfs are known to lie even under the harshest of tortures.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Kamen Grimgaze
Few Totenkopfs know the other name the Master uses but it remains unclear whether 'Kamen Grimgaze' is in fact the Master's real name or yet another alias.
Master of the Totenkopfs
The dreaded title.

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