Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) City of Shadows
Type Settlement
Region Central Yamato
Size Large city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Yamatian, Infernal
Race(s) Demons, Humans
Religion(s) Mardük
Political Information
Government Grand Duchy
Faction(s) Demons (since 1006 AE), Yamato Empire (until 1006 AE)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Kageshima, the City of Shadows, is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Yamato and is currently under control of the demons. The city has served as a capital even when power has changed hands during the time when Yamato was still an empire, because it is located in a vital and well-defended area at the heart of the Yamatian mainland.

There is a great river which cuts the capital in two: the city itself is on one side, and the Palace of Eternal Darkness is on the other side of the river. The city has become a twisted version of its former, glorious self now that it has new demon overlords.

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