Jonathan Ferron
Status: Alive
Age: 47
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Remon
Era: Third Age

Jonathan Ferron is a former member of the Clergy of Mardük and the current High Cleric of the Church of the Memory of Cardia as well as the present head of the House of Ferron. He has worked with the Grand Alliance during the Great War and knows several of its veteran members. He acts as a supporter of King Marcus Sarillius of Remon and as a good father of the church, but he is only using people for his own gain. He and Refan d'Zarnagon are bitter rivals.


Early YearsEdit

Jonathan Ferron was born as the son of Count Michael Ferron in Remon. His father Michael was the head of the House of Ferron and a prominent supporter of the Provisional Government who often led troops of knights to the wilder regions of Remon to drive out Dark Elves and bandits. This left Ferron to spend time with his mother who succumbed to an illness by the time Ferron was around five years old.

The family had many prominent friends in other Remonian noble families, however, such as the Albrigants and the Drimas, and these two families treated young Ferron well. Another thing than friendship connected the three families, though: they were all followers of Mardük although they worshipped different aspects of the God of Chaos.

Darkness WithinEdit


Some years passed, and young Jonathan Ferron happened to be visiting Virgil Albrigant in Remonton when a group of wanderers appeared and told the nobles that Michael, Jonathan's father, had died while fighting against the Fire Lizards, a group of zealous knights. This shocked Jonathan, but Virgil told him that he would take care of him from now on.

However, Virgil had other than noble plans in mind. When night came, he entered Jonathan's room with the intention of raping him. Luckily for Ferron, the group of wanderers happened upon the scene and saved him in the nick of time. Ferron escaped with two of the wanderers named Aramien Bitterleaf and Daventhalas de Mont Hault while the third wanderer, Omaroch d'Zarnagon, stayed behind to stall Virgil and his men.

Omaroch returned to the group later and had a new companion with him, named Delora. The group had various adventures together although they often had to fight against both the Fire Lizards and operatives from the mysterious Order of the Black Rose. After a climactic battle against the demon Malakhia d'Zarnagon in the Ruined Kingdom, the group's adventures seemed to come to an end, and they went their separate ways.

Servant of ChaosEdit

Jonathan Ferron, now older and travelling on his own, eventually met with his old friend Frederic Drima and became an active member of the Clergy of Mardük, partly inspired by Omaroch who had been a demon and follower of Mardük. Perhaps the promise of power and wealth was what made Ferron join the dark clerics or perhaps he just had no one else to turn to. Whatever the reason was, he turned out to be an apt pupil who rose through the clergy's ranks over the years.

After more than a decade had passed, Jonathan was appointed as the leading cleric of Mardük in Remonton while Frederic Drima was stationed in Ravensworth and Dante Albrigant in Fragnar. Ferron had become a very wealthy man due to his various schemes, and he enjoyed his luxurious lifestyle and the power he used to boss his subordinates around.

It was around this time that Ferron met with the young and ambitious cleric Zarnagon who quickly convinced him and Frederic Drima to team up and locate a powerful artifact named the Dragon Diamond. The trio decided to keep their plans secret from other clerics so that they could take over the Clergy of Mardük with the Dragon Diamond's power. However, locating the diamond would be no easy task because little to no information about it had survived in the clergy's tomes.

While Drima and Zarnagon searched for the diamond, Ferron helped them acquire certain rare items such as the journal of Arawn Losstarot which they needed to locate the Dragon Diamond. He also fell in love with Dorecia, a female cleric of Mardük, around this time, but she never returned his feelings. It didn't stop Ferron from trying, though, because he saw Dorecia as the only woman who could be equal to him, and he went so far as to include her in the inner circle. Although Zarnagon and Drima scoffed at the idea at first, they eventually warmed up to her as they saw how resourceful Dorecia was.

Distreyd EraEdit

Driven by VengeanceEdit

During one fateful evening in 1000 AE, Ferron was talking to Dorecia in the Fool's Haven inn. He was being nervous about recent developments and whether the plans of Zarnagon and Drima would work out in the end. Dorecia scoffed at Ferron and saw him as a weakling, but Ferron didn't mind her insults and instead tried to calm her down.

Ferron left the inn in a confused state but later heard that a thief named Refan had killed Dorecia in that same inn. Crushed by the idea that some lowlife had killed his beloved, Ferron swore he would avenge Dorecia's death and make Refan suffer. When Zarnagon contacted him via a messenger bird and told him that he wanted a sword that Refan was carrying, Ferron saw a way to hit two birds with one stone: he would get rid of Refan and get the thief's sword.

He sent mercenaries led by Derak after Refan, but the thief was accompanied by friends who helped him defeat the mercenaries. Before Ferron could send more of his minions after Refan, he noticed the thief and his companions had left Remonton already. Ferron searched for them but didn't find them anywhere, and that made him furious.

A few months later Yamato formed an alliance with the Clergy of Mardük and began the invasion of other countries, Remon being one of them. Ferron found out that Zarnagon had been appointed as Distreyd Thanadar XII's right-hand man and led the Yamatian army in Aison.

Ferron was unaware that his usefulness to Drima and Zarnagon had come to an end, though. He was ambitious and cunning and knew too much of Zarnagon's plans and was thus considered too dangerous to be kept alive, not to mention he had failed to capture Refan, which Zarnagon saw as a sign of weakness. During the invasion of Remon, the Yamatians sacked Remonton and killed many of Ferron's minions. Ferron barely escaped the city alive and lost all his possessions. He became a wandering beggar and swore to make Zarnagon and Drima pay for their treachery.

Joining the FellowshipEdit

Some time after the Yamatians had taken over Remon, Ferron wandered into Fragnar and found Refan out of all people in the city. The thief was working with the mute engineer Daventhalas de Mont Hault, the bard Leon Alcibiates, the elven waif Nalaen Silverpond and the paladin Marcus Sarillius.

Ferron eavesdropped on the group and found out that they had a plan of travelling to Tes Pellaria to consult the spirits of the dead to figure out a way to drive the Yamatians out of Remon. He realized that he could use these heroes to have his revenge on Yamato and the Clergy of Mardük, and once the heroes had done the dirty work for him, he would kill Refan too to avenge Dorecia's death.

And so Ferron joined the Fellowship of Tes Pellaria and gained the trust of Refan and the other members of the Fellowship who were unaware that Ferron had once been a cleric of Mardük and had sinister plans. The group travelled to Tes Pellaria in 1003 AE and set the Faerfolc free. Marcus Sarillius was acknowledged as the true king of Remon, and the Yamatians in the neighbourhood began chasing the heroes from that moment on.

Liberating RemonEdit

"Ferron, I beg you, be merciful!"
"Merciful? After what has happened to me, you still expect me to have pity on you and the clergy? You and Zarnagon wanted me out of the way, because I didn't like your idea of Yamato invading Remon! You betrayed me, your most loyal servant! You wanted me dead, and you convinced Zarnagon of my incompetence. It's only fitting that you die by my hand, you rat."
—Frederic Drima and Jonathan

Ferron succeeded in killing Drima during the Battle of Drithenspire, fulfilling one of his goals, and surprisingly became one of Refan's closest friends. This awkward friendship made Ferron confused about his mission because such kindness had rarely been shown to him. The two grew closer during various conflicts even though Ferron tried to keep his distance.

He accompanied the fellowship to Folsworth Woods where they participated in the Beastmaster Incident and fought the epic Battle of Folsworth Woods which they won. Ferron met various new heroes such as Axikasha Keiran and Jono Renfield along the way as the Grand Alliance was formed. It became even harder for him to keep his cool when there were so many friendly faces around him who welcomed him as a friend. Still, he stuck to his plan to kill Refan when the time was right.

Ferron helped the Alliance on many occasions such as the First Battle of Remonton where the Alliance used his knowledge about secret tunnel networks to infiltrate and capture Remonton. Although people had become aware that he had formerly been a cleric of Mardük, no one suspected anything after he had helped the Alliance take over the city.

A Dark HorizonEdit

A few divisions of the Grand Alliance were left behind to liberate the rest of Remon from the Yamatian yoke. However, Ferron and the other heroes sailed to Maar Sul to liberate it next. While many heroes participated in the First Battle of Maar Sul, Ferron stayed behind to look after Skye.

Ferron used this as an excuse to get to know Skye better, hoping to use her to emotionally crush Refan at a crucial moment and then strike him down. After all, Refan had killed Ferron's loved one Dorecia so it would only be natural that he returned the favour.

The battle for Maar Sul City was won, and the Alliance's forces eventually liberated the rest of Maar Sul in a quick succession and gained the Khitan Khanate as new allies. The Alliance once again left a portion of its army behind to stabilize Maar Sul while the remaining army continued the journey to Aison where Ax had already led a commando team to steal the magic sword Dawn. The plan was for the army to rendezvous with Ax's party and strike a decisive blow into the heart of Yamatian-controlled Aison.

True Colours RevealedEdit

The ships of the Alliance managed to move past the watch towers and the like with little casualties and eventually reached Myridia. It was then that Ax and the few surviving members of her group emerged, bloodstained but in possession of Dawn. Ax told the group how the infiltration had ended in a disaster and quickly explained the layout of Castle Myridium. It was decided that the armies of the Alliance would attack Myridia directly while a group of heroes would infiltrate the castle and capture or kill Zarnagon, who by then had already gained access to the Dragon Diamond and had used its powers to become one of the most powerful servants of Mardük.

Ax herself led the group up the Dark Tower while the Alliance clashed with the forces of Chaos outside and in the city itself. They, along with Refan and others, eventually battled their way to the throne room of Zarnagon who mocked their progress. The heroes attacked at once, positive that they could subdue a single enemy, but this proved to be their undoing. Zarnagon had grown so powerful that he easily decimated the majority of heroes in the blink of an eye, leaving several to their deaths. Ax and Ferron were among the few who survived the first onslaught but were heavily wounded in the process.

It was here that the survivors witnessed the fateful duel between Refan and Zarnagon. Ferron, seeing that Zarnagon had already injured Skye and that Refan was too focused on him to even notice her present state, chose to use this confusion to his advantage and stabbed both Refan and Zarnagon while they were distracted but realized to his horror that neither of them died. Instead both men transformed into horrific demonic forms as they fought on, and Ferron was knocked down in the process.

The heavily injured Ferron witnessed how Omaroch d'Zarnagon, a shadow from his past, appeared. The now demonic Omaroch told Refan and Zarnagon of their demonic heritage, explaining to Refan the reasons for the dark voices he had heard throughout his life. Refan, unable to accept the truth, fled the battle. Omaroch and Zarnagon left as well, their destination unknown. Ferron cursed his bad luck as he realized that he had been robbed of his ultimate victory. Both Refan and Zarnagon had slipped through his fingers and he might never have another chance like this to kill them.

What was even more troubling to him, however, was the fact that Refan and Zarnagon were the sons of Omaroch and Delora, the two people he had adventured with and grown fond of in his youth. This revelation made him conflicted as he had to come to terms with the harsh reality of the situation.

The War EscalatesEdit

Realizing that Ax, Jono or any of the other survivors might let the leaders of the Alliance know of his treachery in the throne room of Zarnagon, Ferron chose to leave and let others handle the Second Battle of Myridia. Luckily for him Ax left the war behind and Jono disappeared somewhere, so as far as he knew, no surviving witness was around to accuse Ferron of anything.

During this time Ferron met two men, Brutus and Anthony Torquemada, who had also been clerics of Mardük and who understood Ferron's frustration. He saw potential in these men and was maybe reminded of his alliance with Drima and Zarnagon, so he took them under his wing. They accompanied the Alliance to Libaterra where the Reactor Core Explosion and the Faerfolc Rampage eventually forced the army to move onward to Yamato.

The trio was nevertheless optimistic despite all the losses, hoping to put an end to Distreyd XII and take the Clergy of Mardük for themselves. However, Distreyd was found dead during the First Battle of Vulpengaard Keep and most of Vulpengaard's treasures had been sacked. Ferron and his minions were unable to do anything as the Alliance already marched towards Kageshima to end the Great War once and for all.

However, all hell broke loose during the Second Battle of Kageshima. First Mardük himself appeared and released countless demons to the world and then the Godslayer appeared and devoured both Mardük and Cardia, beginning the Cataclysm. As the Godslayer left the scene, the demons attacked everyone in sight, forcing the Alliance, the Yamatians and the remaining clerics of Mardük to flee for their lives. Fed up with this state of affairs, Ferron and his minions hitched a ride to Remon to begin a new life.

New PlansEdit

Ferron's ambition was too great to live the rest of his life in the woods, however. He met with some former clerics of Mardük as well as clerics of Cardia who had lost their purpose after their gods had been devoured. He managed to use his charisma to win these people on his side, and thus he formed the Church of the Memory of Cardia with him as the high cleric.

Ironically Ferron, a promiment cleric of Mardük, had now become the high cleric of a deity he had sworn to oppose. However, to him it was just business: loyalty to gods was trivial as long as he got to profit from it. Becoming the high cleric of Cardia was quite beneficial to him, and his influence soon spread around the countryside of Remon and even to the scattered city-states which had been living in isolation since the Cataclysm.

With Marcus gone seemingly for good, Ferron became one of the most powerful people in Remon. This influence gave him a position in the Stewards' Council of Remonton. Ferron made Brutus his bodyguard and Anthony became a Grand Inquisitor of the church. Ferron also began a thorough hunt for anyone with dark arts, including demon spies, although he was secretly using the captives as a means to gather a personal army with which to unite Remon and keep it safe from an eventual demon invasion. He refused to let others in the council know about it, though, because it would've spread panic.

Jonathan Ferron's ambition was still not satisfied, though. He was not content with just being a member of the council; he wanted to become the supreme ruler of Remon. However, some councillors such as Seize Greenlight gave him trouble, but he tolerated such nuisances for the sake of his grand plan. He also sent various inquisitors into the woods of Remon, hoping to locate Refan so that he could capture him and make him suffer while using him to promote his agenda. After all, he had not forgotten what Refan had done to Dorecia, but now he saw Refan as far more useful alive than dead.

Godslayer EraEdit

The Age of EmptinessEdit

"This is between you and me, Ferron! My son has nothing to do with this!"
"Fool! There are bigger things at stake than that foolish grudge of yours, and I won't allow you to disobey!"
—Refan d'Zarnagon and Jonathan

Ferron finally put his political scheme in motion in 1016 AE, ten years after the Cataclysm, when he bribed or otherwise manipulated and persuaded several members of the Stewards' Council to back him up and help him install himself as the Lord Protector of Remon in King Marcus's absence. Seize Greenlight protested him yet again, but Ferron didn't mind; his plans were finally realized.

Ferron was even more happy when he found out that his clerical minions Almaric Veer and Unithien Greyrain had successfully located and captured Refan as well as Refan's son Gabriel d'Zarnagon. Ferron complimented Unithien for a job well done and said he knew she'd prove to be a useful servant of Cardia one day. He then spoke with the angry Refan, and their reunion after a decade was a spiteful one as both accused one another of treachery to their cause. Ferron ordered Refan to be taken away to the dungeon where Almaric and Ahtony Torquemada would "soften" him for interrogation and break his spirit so that he'd become a loyal servant of Ferron in the coming days.

He then spoke with Gabriel, curious to learn more about Refan's son. He questioned the boy about the whereabouts of his mother and Refan's wife Skye, one of the people Ferron had gotten to know better during the Great War before Refan and Skye's departure, but Gabriel remained silent much to Ferron's displeasure. Before he could talk with the boy more, he found out that a mob was gathrering around the Palace of Justice and that leading it was none other than Seize Greenlight, the councillor who had been one of the few councillors he couldn't manipulate. It turned out Seize was less than pleased about Ferron being named Lord Protector of Remon and wanted him to step down one way or another to preserve democracy in Remonton.

Ferron and Seize barely managed to meet and have a heated debated on the subject when something unexpected happened. The mob that had been roused was taken over by a charismatic speaker, Andrei Pronin, who swayed them on his side with help from his followers, the Proninist Party. Using the momentum begun by Seize, Pronin rallied the crowd around him and used their long-standing resentment over Ferron's and the stewards' harsh policies to make them topple the government.

The stewards' few remaining supporters fell into disarray as no one had expected a riot of this scale, not to mention the rioters being backed up by the efficient and brutal Proninists. Remonton fell in a single day, and the Proninists took over. Several stewards and clerics, including Unithien and Almaric, were captured and many of them executed publicly under the watchful gaze of Andrei Pronin, a new mover in Remonian politics.

Ferron left the fallen city behind, escaping through one of the secret underground passages with Gabriel. He was furious that his triumph had been so short-lived, he'd lost Refan and now he'd have to start all over again to once more secure his position as well as deal with this new Proninist threat. However, there was one consolation for him: he still held Refan's son Gabriel who had demonic blood in him, and he could use the boy in place of Refan to further his plans.

With these dark thoughts in mind, Ferron took Gabriel to Fragnar, which became the church's new headquarters, where they were reunited with Anthony Torquemada as well as Brutus who became Ferron's bodyguard against potential assassins who the Proninists might send after him due to his role in the former Stewards' Council. They would remain in the safety of Fragnar for a year while fortifying the city against a potential Proninist invasion. They only learned later on about the Second Battle of Remonton which had ended the Proninist rule over Remonton.

A Game of DeceptionEdit

"You fled the battle when the truth was revealed, and in so doing you doomed this world. Your father and your brother released a being which turned out to be the Godslayer! Thanks to your family's meddling, countless people lost their lives and, worst of all, Mardük ended up dead and thus no one could close the portal to the demon realm anymore! If you had slain your brother that day instead of running away like a coward, we wouldn't have the demon problem, and we wouldn't have to fear for the Godslayer's awakening!"
—Jonathan to Refan d'Zarnagon

A year passed since the tumultous events in Remonton, and in the spring of 1017 AE Ferron received a note from none other than King Marcus Sarillius himself who had returned to his kingdom in its time of need. Marcus's note invited all the still surviving representatives of clergies, noble houses and races to the old capital of Remon to participate in a grand Remonton Summit where they'd discuss the future of the kingdom as well as the threat posed not only by the Proninist Party but also a mysterious death cult known as the Totenkopfs.

Ferron was troubled by Marcus's sudden returned despite the king having been absent for over a decade, but chose to nevertheless participate in the summit. He saw the meeting as a means to further solidify his place in the Remonian hierarchy and perhaps sway Marcus to his side since the king hadn't witnessed his treacherous actions in the Great War and could thus be easily manipulated if he played his cards right.

He travelled to Remonton in a fashy display befitting a high cleric of an influential church, surrounded by several clerics, knights and paladins. Anthony, Brutus and Gabriel accompanied him to the city where he also caught a glimpse of Unithien who had survived the Proninist purges and who informed him that Almaric hadn't been so lucky as she had been. Ferron lamented the loss of Almaric but nevertheless welcomed Unithien back into the church, hoping to use her in his schemes as well. Unithien, whom he had made to worship the ground beneath his feet over years of careful years of manipulation, was easily swayed to join Ferron's flock and participated in the summit by his side.

Marcus's intentions became clear as the summit proceeded and he addressed several of the people who had arrived at the city. The king, accompanied by a delegation from Maar Sul led by his old friend Sen Wisteria, asked for the different Remonian factions and races to unite under his banner and form a new Grand Alliance. The Proninists had pulled out the bulk of their forces to Maar Sul after their loss in Remonton, and Marcus wished to aid Maar Sul as it had aided his forces during the Second Battle of Remonton. Ferron immediately seized the opportunity and gave his opinion on this strategy; he was wary of such a bold move although he still pledged his loyalty to the king to earn his favour.

Dylas Rin Theron, a former steward, refused the king's offer to join a new Alliance, however, explaining that if an army left to defend Maar Sul against the Proninist invaders, Remon would be left undefended, which would allow the Proninists or the Totenkopfs to continue their schemes in peace.

An elf named Rhylian Loras and her companion, Baron Dieter von Waldheim, gave a counterargument to this, however, stating that the Blood Fever which had been killing off the elven population since the Cataclysm had been deliberately unleashed by the Totenkopfs and that it had the potential to be mutated to infect other races. Although the Proninists were a big outer threat, the Totenkopfs, due to being far more secretive, were also a threat and shouldn't be ignored, and thus it would be necessary to travel abroad to locate mage libraries which might have more information about the Blood Fever so that its spread could be stopped.

A heated debate ensued, and it was thanks to the rousing speech of Baron Tywion Crowley that finally made several factions rally behind Marcus to help Maar Sul against the Proninists and to find a means to end the Blood Fever and put an end to the Totenkopfs' schemes. Dylas chose not to join them and left the city with his supporters, showing that not all of Remon would welcome a long-lost king back with open arms. Ferron, realizing that supporting Marcus would be the best political move right now, chose to accompany the king's new army to Maar Sul as a representative of the church.

Ferron also summoned Refan and Izael Korath to his quarters after he had learned that the two were still alive in the city. He addressed the thief and his former cleric ally and blackmailed them to work for him by using different baits. In Refan's case it was the safety of his son whom Ferron had already brainwashed to be loyal only to him much to Refan's displeasure. In Izael's case the deal was far more complicated, and neither chose to reveal the details of it to an increasingly frustrated Refan.

With both Refan and Izael now in his leash and having gained Marcus's trust once again, Ferron was on solid ground and saw the opportunity to increase his power base during his travels abroad. He was troubled by the rise of the Totenkopf cult as well as the fact that Shyralis, his old ally from his days as a cleric of Mardük, was now Marcus's advisor. Knowing that Shyralis was nothing but trouble, he understood he could do nothing about it for the time being and would have to simply wait and see how things would develop before he'd decide his next course of action.

As the army of the Alliance gathered in Remonton the following morning and set out for Maar Sul, Ferron accompanied them on their journey.

Echoes of WarEdit

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A Crimson DawnEdit

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Tears of the SunEdit

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The Winds of WrathEdit

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Sowing SeasonEdit

"Quiet yourself, sellsword. Your opinion has no weight."
"I believe all men should have a chance to be heard, even craven traitors who now fancy themselves priests."
—Jonathan and Jono Renfield

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Devourer's ReachEdit

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The Point of No ReturnEdit

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Fool's ErrandEdit

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Defiler's TouchEdit

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A Cry in the DarkEdit

Deceiver's GambitEdit

Heart of DarknessEdit

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

His Holiness
Used by the clerics of the church.
Lord Protector of Remon
A short-lived title which Ferron claimed for himself as he tried to have the Stewards' Council elect him as the head of state during King Marcus's absence. The Proninist takeover of Remonton in 1016 AE put an abrupt end to this scheme, so Ferron only held the title for a day.


Ferron has a brown beard, hair and eyes. He is clad in a white cloak and has a white armor underneath. He is quite tall but not too imposing, although his eyes are often described as cold.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ferron is manipulative and somewhat sadistic. He is utterly devoted to his work, but he is also an opportunist who will switch sides if he notices that the other party is stronger. However, he has shown traits of kindness on some occasions, but his defining trait is that he wants to ensure his own survival no matter the cost.

Ferron is a man who seems friendly but hides his emotions most of the time. He does get angry occasionally if he is provoked, but usually he is cold and calculating. People consider him a friend, but he only uses people for his own needs and acts kind when there is a need to do that. He does not care whether people die or not as long as he lives, and he can betray anyone when he feels like it. He is intelligent too, but sometimes his plans of revenge make him act too spontaneously when he should be thinking of what to do instead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ferron is a better mage than a warrior, and he knows quite a few black and white magic spells. He usually feigns weakness in order to surprise his opponent with a sudden fierce counterattack. He prefers to use short swords in battle.

Innate Ability: He could scream in a very high pitch which broke glass and stunned people for a short moment. He, like others, lost his ability in the Cataclysm.


Anthony TorquemadaEdit

Anthony is one of the few men Ferron really trusts. When Ferron accompanied the Grand Alliance to Maar Sul and Libaterra, he left Anthony in charge of the church until his return. Anthony has remained loyal to Ferron who he sees as a man who might be able to restore order to the world.


Brutus is one of the few men Ferron really trusts, and Brutus had saved his life on various occasions during the early years of the church. Brutu's death in Vanna came as a shocking surprise to Ferron who could no longer rely on his bodyguard's strength.

Delora d'ZarnagonEdit

During their adventures together, Ferron warmed up to Delora and saw her as a surrogate mother of sorts in place of the mother he had lost recently. Delora likewise cared for young Ferron and helped him harness his innate magic, which Ferron would later put to good use. The revelation that his hated enemies Refan and Kareth were sons of Delora and Omaroch, the people he had cared for and seen as parental figures, and that Delora is still alive, has made Ferron conflicted.


Ferron was madly in love with Dorecia who cruelly toyed with his emotions. Despite all this verbal and physical abuse Ferron remained loyal to her and didn't see how she was only using him. When Dorecia died, Ferron's loyalty became even stronger and he swore to find and kill her murderer.

Frederic DrimaEdit

Although Drima and Ferron were comrades in the clergy and worked for the goal of obtaining the Dragon Diamond, they were never too friendly to one another. When Zarnagon decided to get rid of Ferron who he saw as a dangerous rival, he used Drima's resources and connections to take care of Ferron who barely escaped with his life. Ferron swore to make the two men pay for their betrayal and eventually hunted Drima down with the help of the Fellowship of Tes Pellaria and slew him in a fierce duel.

Kareth d'ZarnagonEdit

Ferron respected and feared Zarnagon and continued to work with him because he was as ambitious as Zarnagon and wanted to gain the powers of the Dragon Diamond. However, Zarnagon betrayed him during the Yamatian Invasion, and from that day on Ferron swore to make him pay for it. Ferron began plotting and used the Grand Alliance as a means to get close to Zarnagon. His plan to make Zarnagon and Refan kill each other failed when it turned out that the two men were in fact brothers and Zarnagon's true name was Kareth. Ferron could do nothing but see his old ally and foe slip through his fingers, and he never heard from him again after that dreadful battle in Myridia.

Michael FerronEdit

Ferron respected his father but the two never became close as Michael was always elsewhere doing various jobs for the Provisional Government in Remon. Michael's death came as a shock to young Ferron but he got over it quickly as the dark temptations of Mardük drew him into the Clergy of Mardük.

Omaroch d'ZarnagonEdit

Omaroch stepped in to become Ferron's protector after Michael's death. Although initially it was difficult for Omaroch to adjust to taking care of a boy, the two eventually warmed up to one anothr, and Ferron played a part in Omaroch beginning to feel sympathy for other races than demons. Ferron likewise began seeing Omaroch as a father figure of sorts after losing his real father. The revelation that his hated enemies Refan and Kareth were sons of Delora and Omaroch, the people he had cared for and seen as parental figures, has made Ferron conflicted.

Refan d'ZarnagonEdit

Ferron hated Refan ever since Refan killed Ferron's loved one, Dorecia, although Refan did not know it at the time. The two met officially a few years after Dorecia's death, and Refan trusted him maybe too blindly. Ferron was only using Refan to reach Zarnagon and kill the two of them in one stroke, but his growing bond made him falter for a moment whether he should carry out his plan. This eventually came to pass during the Second Battle of Myridia when Ferron attacked both Zarnagon and Refan but failed miserably. Zarnagon beat him easily, and Refan figured out Ferron's true colours. Ferron escaped from battle and continued working for the Grand Alliance which was unaware of his betrayal. When Ferron discovered the existence of demons, he decided to use Refan as a means to locate the demons in Remon and kill them. He sent squads after Refan and eventually captured him in the year 1016 AE. The animosity between the two men grew stronger when Ferron kidnapped and brainwashed Refan's son Gabriel and forced Refan to become his agent. Refan is bitter about this, and his hate might eventually lead him into a murderous rage which might be Ferron's demise.

Unithien GreyrainEdit

Unithien worships Jonathan Ferron who she refers to as His Holiness in the Church of the Memory of Cardia. She feels that Ferron was single-handedly responsible for keeping Cardian clerics organized in the chaotic aftermath of the Cataclysm. She would die for him, and part of her motivation for spreading the One Truth is that she wants to make him happy. Ferron has only fueled Unithien's trust by acting as a mentor and father figure for her, but his goals may not be as noble as Unithien believes.

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