Status: Alive
Age: 123
Race: Sirithai
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age
"We Sirithai always keep our word to those worthy of our cause. The Path of Blood and Justice is ahead of us just as Lord Shakkan has always intended."
—Ixtli of the Tail

Oldblood Ixtli of the Tail is a Sirithai warrior and a member of the Clergy of Shakkan with ties to the Dwarven Triad, Totenkopfs and Union Workers. She is also the sister of Xolkai and daughter of Tlatoani Qadohi. She's willing to do whatever necessary to protect those of her race whom she deems worthy of saving.


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Day of the DamnedEdit

"Ever so proud, human. It matters little. Soon my people will devour the flesh from all Sarquil bones. I'll let you live because you helped us. And I admit it's much more satisfying for me to have you live long enough to see your people driven to extinction like you nearly did to my people. Blood calls for blood."
"What is the meaning of this? You Sirithai allied yourselves with Khalid, did you not?"
"You should think about that and all the implications, high cleric. Soon you'll come to weep the stupidity of the new Sultan and his bride."
—Ixtli and Adela al-Saif

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