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Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Cat Folk
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan 200 years
Language(s) Common
Height Tall
Weight Average
Skin color Pale to black
Hair color White to black
Distinctions Feline, bipedal creatures with tails and fur, prefer living in isolation from other races
Historical Information

Itica are a race of cat-people exclusive to Libaterra, thought to be a mutation of elves. They had golden/blue eyes, tails, ears and humanlike hands, with longer, stronger nails. They were often quite tall, though not tall as the Sarquil, with proud yet nurturing demeanors. The Itica were viciously hunted and slaughtered throughout their tragic history, thought by many to be freaks or demons. After being betrayed by one of their own and driven to the brink of extinction, they rarely ventured outside their Sanctuary.

In the years after the Cataclysm, many surviving Itica relocated to Khrima Island in Aison until part of the great eastern island sank due to a destructive spell cast in 1017 AE, after which the surviving Itica were left wandering the earth once more.

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