The Infiltration of Myridia was an event which took place during the Great War. The Grand Alliance sent Axikasha Keiran and a small group of heroes to the Aisonian capital Myridia to steal a powerful magic sword, Dawn, which was in the possession of Varalia Earthhaven. Although Ax managed to find the blade, she were spotted, and many of her companions died as a result while she and a few remaining heroes barely escaped from the city alive. The infiltration was immediately followed by the Second Battle of Myridia.


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The mission was a disaster. Although Ax managed to secure Dawn, she was spotted, and soon the heroes had to face the Elite Guard. Some of the heroes gave their lives in order to stall the pursuers while Ax and the remaining heroes fled from the city. The survivors met the army of the Alliance which had arrived on Aisonian shores unnoticed, and they led an all-out attack on the city, beginning the Second Battle of Myridia.

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