Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Heavenly Glow
Type Settlement
Size Large city
Societal Information
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Historical Information

Illunii is the capital of Celenia in the Fourth Age. It was effectively the elven capital of Libaterra and the seat of power for the House of Thracia in the Third Age but was never really accepted as such by the human population. It is a beautiful city of culture and intellect located in the Celenian Forest. Illunii is named after the Elvish word for "Heavenly Glow" as well as for its second monarch, Queen Illunia Thracia. After the Faerfolc Rampage, several Faerfolc settled into the forest and ruled the elves from Illunii until the Catastrophe that led to the Fourth Age. The city also played a key role during the Battle of Illunii.

Contains: Inns, Market, Theaters, Libraries, Schools, Opera houses, Monuments, Entertainer's Guild, Bardic Circle.

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