House of Wisteria
Geographic Information
Country Maar Sul
Base Maar Sul City
Societal Information
Ancestral house House of Draco
  • Chancellor
  • Duke / Duchess
  • Lord / Lady
Founder Wister
Current head Ademar Wisteria
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Maar Sulais
Allies Grand Alliance
Enemies Crimson Coalition
Historical Information
Age All Ages

The House of Wisteria is a Maar Sulais noble house with ties to both House of Aurelac and House of Draco. The Wisterias have long held high positions in the Maar Sulais court, often acting as Chancellors of the realm while advising the Aurelac kings on matters of state. Wister is the founding father of the house, and the present head of the family is Ademar Wisteria.


House of Wisteria began with Draco, an Andain who had once challenged Kagetsu I for the mastery of the Andain prior to the War of the Andain. Wisteria became a cadet branch of the House of Draco as Draco's younger brother Wister fathered children, and generations passed.

Since the Explosion, the Wisterias had become the House of Aurelac's staunchest ally. There had been so much intermarriage between Aurelacs and Wisterias over the centuries that they had, by 1000 AE, come to be considered as cousins of Aurelacs. As a result of the close bond between the two houses, the heads of Wisteria were granted the rank of Duke and became Chancellors of Maar Sul, advising the Aurelac monarchs loyally on many stately matters. The bond was so strong that Gerard Aurelac appointed Ademar Wisteria as heir apparent after Leon Alcibiates in 1017 AE should anything happen to either him or Leon.

The Wisterias also remained close to the Dracos, and there's been intermarriage between the two houses as well, the most recent of which is the marriage of Ademar Wisteria and Siobrach Draco.

Family TreeEdit

Several generations
Sen Wisteria
Keiwhin Wisteria
(née Aurelac)
Ademar Wisteria
Siobrach Wisteria
(née Draco)
Alistair Wisteria
Siobhan Wisteria



There was initially bad blood between the Wisterias and the House of Aurelac because Wister's brother Draco betrayed Kagetsu I during the Arawn Losstarot War, which brought shame upon Wister's descendants by proxy. Since the Explosion, however, the Wisterias have become the Aurelacs' staunchest ally.

There has been so much intermarriage between Aurelacs and Wisterias that the Wisterias have, within the past generation, come to be considered as cousins of Aurelacs. The Wisterias have also ended up becoming Chancellors of the the realm, thus essentially becoming the kings' right-hand men in political and military matters.


The houses of Wisteria and Draco are close because their respective founding fathers, Wister and Draco, were brothers. Because of this reason it's not uncommon to see intermarriage between the two houses, the most recent such example being the marriage of Ademar Wisteria and Siobrach Draco.

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