House of Whitehawk
Coat of arms of the House of Whitehawk
Geographic Information
Country Libaterra
Base Etheril
Societal Information
Title(s) Lord / Lady
Final ruler Kailena Whitehawk
Race(s) Humans
Enemies House of Armagnac, House of Seneron
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The House of Whitehawk was a Libaterran noble family which resided in Etheril for generations. It was among the most influential merchant houses in Northern Libaterra along with its competitors, the House of Seneron and the House of Armagnac. The Whitehawks fell from grace after its prominent members were murdered in a raid to Etheril by the Grey Guard. However, some traces of the family still remain through the bloodlines of Helena the Grey and Viirsa Yuriev, the bastard daughters of Leon Whitehawk, as well as their children Arcturius and Kaisa Blackwell.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs

Alraune Yuriev
Leon Whitehawk
Kailena Whitehawk
Helena the Grey
Erai Dalfar
Viirsa Yuriev
Hector Blackwell
Kain Whitehawk
Blake Whitehawk
Kaisa Blackwell

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