House of Waldheim
Geographic Information
Country Remon
Base Fragnar
Societal Information
Title(s) Baron / Baroness
Current head Dieter von Waldheim
Race(s) Humans
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The House of Waldheim is a minor noble house in Fragnar in Remon. It has a lengthy history, having been one of the backers of the Provisional Government as well as being involved in the anti-elven movement of Fragnar before the Yamatian Invasion. Since the Cataclysm, the house's surviving member Dieter von Waldheim has dedicated his life to unravelling the secrets of the Blood Fever.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs or (in the case of Marcus/Alexandra) an ostensible heir

Adolf von Waldheim
Desdemona von Waldheim
Gustav von Waldheim
Clara von Waldheim
Dieter von Waldheim
Luthien Bitterleaf
Eva von Waldheim
Antigonus de Ardyn
Eurydice Bitterleaf
Freyja von Waldheim
Marcus Sarillius
Desdemona de Ardyn
Mordecai de Ardyn
Alexandra Sarillius

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