House of Valour
Geographic Information
Type Palace
Region Lutherin, Central Libaterra
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Political Information
Ruler(s) Shyla Locken (9801000 AE)
Faction(s) House of Locken, Locken Loyalists
Historical Information
Age Third Age
Abolished 1005 AE
Successor Garden of Earthly Delights

The House of Valour was a palace in the city of Lutherin and the seat of power for the Monarchy and its supporters, the Locken Loyalists. When the Yamato Empire invaded Libaterra, they used the palace as their generals' headquarters. After Lutherin was renamed Alent in the wake of the Reactor Core Explosion and the Yamatians had been driven away, the Council of Mages turned the old palace into a brothel named the Garden of Earthly Delights in order to undermine the former Locken Monarchy's rule.

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