House of Thracia
Geographic Information
Base Illunii (since Third Age)
Societal Information
  • King/Queen of Thracia
  • Prince/Princess of Thracia
  • King/Queen of Celenia
  • Prince/Princess of Celenia
Cadet branches
Race(s) Elves
Enemies Andarian Empire
Historical Information

The House of Thracia is an elven royal family whose history extends to the Kingdom of Thracia in the Second Age. In the Fourth Age it is in decline, ruling from the Kingdom of Celenia.

History[edit | edit source]

Second Age[edit | edit source]

Third Age[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Thracia and the death of King Elrond Thracia in the Explosion which ended the Second Age, Prince Celen Thracia settled into the Celenian Forest in Libaterra where he founded the Kingdom of Celenia, named after himself. As the eldest heir to the throne, his family would continue to be called the House of Thracia. Due to disagreements over the rights of succession, Celen's younger brothers Sindaros Thracia and Thylus Thracia left their older brother's side and founded cadet branches known as the House of Sindaros and the House of Thylus in the new nations of Aison and Remon, respectively, at the dawn of the Third Age.

Celen was succeeded by his daughter, Princess Illunia Thracia, who was crowned Queen of Celenia. Over the following centuries, the House of Thracia reigned in Celenia until the kingdom was forced to submit under the rule of the expansionistic human royal family, the House of Locken, after a decisive battle which had led to elves' defeat. The power and influence of the House of Thracia lessened as a result, leading to the rise of nobility such as the House of Barca who more or less ruled as equals with the Queen's weak successor.

During the Libaterran Civil War, the House of Thracia stayed loyal to the Locken Loyalists by providing weapons

Fourth Age[edit | edit source]

In the Fourth Age, Celenia and its ruling house are on the decline after suffering losses in the wars decades prior and the power of the elves diminishing due to the rise of demons in the Andarian Empire.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

  • dotted lines indicate affairs, or (in the case of Galadriel and Finarfin) adoption, or (in the case of Agarwaen and Marcus) distant descendancy and adoption

Elrond Thracia
Galadriel Thracia
Celen Thracia
Sindaros Thracia
Thylus Thracia
Blehen Thracia
Illunia Thracia
Morifas Sindaros
Urvon Thracia
Grail Thracia
Nimwyn Earthhaven
Daeron Earthhaven
(né Sindaros)
Beruthiel Sindaros
Amandil Thylus
Marcus Sarillius
Desdemona Sarillius
Efral Thracia
Hiroki Hyuga
Varalia Earthhaven
Kareth d'Zarnagon
Hiroshi Takamoto
Alexandra Sarillius
Unithien Earthhaven
Ildor Earthhaven

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