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House of Sarillius
Geographic Information
Societal Information
  • King / Queen of Zion
  • Princess of Zion
  • Countess de Ardyn
Founder Marcus Sarillius
Current head Desdemona Sarillius
Race(s) Humans
Allies Grand Alliance (Third Age)
Enemies Andaria (Fourth Age)
Historical Information

The House of Sarillius is the former royal house of Remon driven into exile after the fall of the kingdom in the Catastrophe. After King Marcus Sarillius, the famed her of the Grand Alliance, had gone missing after the Second Great War, Queen Desdemona Sarillius began leading the house in the Fourth Age and raised her daughter, Princess Alexandra Sarillius, in matters of politics and magic while hoping to regain the family's prestige one day in the changing political climate. While the world believes Princess Alexandra to be King Marcus's daughter, the truth of her being father by the knight Mordecai de Ardyn is only known by the Queen herself who has kept it a secret to secure her legitimacy to the Remonian lineage.

Family Tree[]

  • dotted lines denote affairs, or (in the case of Marcus and Alexandra) not being related by blood

Marcus Sarillius
Desdemona Sarillius
Mordecai de Ardyn
Alexandra Sarillius

Fourth Age Families
Andaria: Andariel · Gallu · Rojas · Sand · Vargal
Celenia: Thracia
Maar Sul: Aurelac · Cedric · Draco · Rhinehart · Struan · Wisteria
Trinity Gask: Losstarot · Seneron
Valencia: Dalfar · Locke
Zion: Earthhaven · Sarillius · Veer · Zarnagon