House of Gallu
Geographic Information
Country Andaria
Base Imperial City
Societal Information
Title(s) Duchess
Founder Jahi Gallu
Current head Jahi Gallu
Race(s) Demons
Allies Andaria
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age

The House of Gallu is an Andarian noble family in the Fourth Age. Originally a minor demon clan, it rose to prominence and was awarded with a noble status after Jahi Gallu and her daughters had sided with Emerald Empress Vaetris L'andariel in the Second Great War which led to the demons' victory in the Battle of Alent. Duchess Jahi is the head of the house which has lived in the Imperial City since the founding of the Andarian Empire.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs; Drekavac may or may not be fathered by Omaroch but is considered his son

Jahi Gallu
Omaroch d'Zarnagon
Alicanto Gallu
Empusa Gallu
Ghaddar Gallu
Lamashtu Gallu
Paimonia Gallu
Stheno Gallu
Vanth Gallu
Drekavac Gallu

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