House of Barca
Geographic Information
Country Libaterra
Base Illunii
Societal Information
Title(s) Lord / Lady
Current head Persephone Barca
Race(s) Elves
Allies Dwarven Triad, Eastern Horde
Enemies Grand Alliance
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The House of Barca is an elven noble house from Illunii in Libaterra. The family has been held in high esteem in the Eternal Court of the Celenian Forest but went into decline after the elder Barcas were murdered and their daughter Persephone Barca was imprisoned for committing high treason against the elves when she had sided with demons in the Battle of Illunii.


"I call upon you through my bloodline, the very blood I was born with! The House of Barca, Children of Lightning, Inheritors of the Stormborn, beseech you! The winds of wrath whisper, and thunder and lightning answer!"
Persephone Barca using the Call of the Stormborn

The Barca family has a long and colourful history among elvenkind. According to the elves of the house, they're descend from a very noble lineage of prestigious elven line of Thracia and Zeal. Their name means 'Lightning', and they seem to have a connection to the Stormborn, a cult of Storm worshippers from the First Age, which makes the last known living Barca, Persephone Barca, refer to herself as the Inheritor of the Stormborn.

After the Explosion and the formation of the Celenian kingdom of elves in Central Libaterra, the Barcas settled into Illunii where they became prominent members of the elven court. After the Cataclysm and the emergence of the Faerfolc in the woods, the elves, including Barcas, submitted under Faerfolc authority as they recognized them as the pure blood from which they had descended. However, this didn't stop Thanatos Barca, the head of the house at the time, from conducting her own experiments on necromancy while using his position in the Illunii court to his advantage to quench his thirst for knowledge. This trait would be passed on to his daughter Persephone.

The family suffered a heavy blow in the years since the Cataclysm when Thanatos's wife Nyx Barca was murdered, and later Thanatos himself lost his life as well during a failed invasion of Illunii while the culprit of both murders turned out to be their daughter Persephone who had been working with demons and presumably been driven mad by their dark whispers. After the battle was over and the demons' invasion was thwarted, the Barcas fell from grace as the sole surviving member of the house, Persephone, was locked in a dungeon to await for a trial fit for someone of her noble heritage.

However, Persephone managed to escape from the dungeon and later participated in several events, one of which included resurrecting her dead mother Nyx as an undead in Shipwreck Cove to fuel her ambition to become the Queen of Necromancers.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines denote affairs

Nyx Barca
Thanatos Barca
Deidra Finian
Persephone Barca

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