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[[Category:Fourth Age]]
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House of Andariel
Geographic Information
Country Andaria
Base Imperial City
Societal Information
  • Empress of Andaria
  • Princess / Prince
  • Lady / Lord L'andariel
Founder Vaetris L'andariel
Current head Vaetris L'andariel
Race(s) Demons, Half-Demons
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age

The House of Andariel is one of the Imperial Families in the Andarian Empire in the Fourth Age, led by Emerald Empress Vaetris L'andariel. The house has ties to not only the Emerald Legion but also to the Ruby Legion and Topaz Legion due to the dalliance of Vaetris's sister, Topaz Empress Nina Heeate L'andariel, with Ruby Emperor Malphas d'Xuvadon which has produced a son, Ruby Prince Xaphan L'andariel.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines denote affairs

Khalid al-Saif
Vaetris L'andariel
Nina Heeate L'andariel
Malphas d'Xuvadon
Lilim L'andariel
Xaphan L'andariel

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