House of Alcibiates
Geographic Information
Country Maar Sul
Base Maar Sul City
Societal Information
Title(s) Prince / Princess of Maar Sul
Founder Leon Alcibiates
Current head Leon Alcibiates
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Yamatians (on Miyuki Alcibiates's side)
Allies Grand Alliance
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The House of Alcibiates is presently a Maar Sulais noble house. It was officially given the status of a noble house in 1006 AE after Leon Alcibiates became the Prince of Maar Sul in King Kagetsu II's will which stated that Leon would rule Maar Sul until Kagetsu's son Gerard Aurelac would come of age. Leon's roots go all the way to Grandbell in the Second Age and he also has the blood of the goddess Artemicia flowing in his veins.

Family TreeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs

Bors de Montblanc
Sara Alcibiates
Leon Alcibiates
Miyuki Alcibiates
Ayna Alcibiates




Although Leon was opposed to the Aurelac founder, Kagetsu I, he has become good friends with the original Kagetsu's descendants over the decades, so much so that King Kagetsu II appointed Leon as the interim ruling Prince of Maar Sul in his will. Leon abdicated the throne later in favour of Kagetsu II's heir, Gerard Aurelac, who nevertheless kept Leon close as an advisor and a potential heir to the throne should anything happen to Gerard before he could father children.


Leon was opposed to Taro Ofuchi in the past and some of his descendants, most notably Hideyoshi Ofuchi, but he befriended many of the Rdeemer line Ofuchis from the family, eventually marrying Miyuki Ofuchi who bore him a daughter, Ayna Alcibiates. Ayna thus has both Artemicia's and the Ofuchi line's blood in her veins.

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