"I did my research on it after I thought it was a cure and found out that it as an ancient piece of jewelery from around the time the Andain were around, you could get them at any local store. Hope Rings. They gave elves a little bit more magic, dwarves more strength and humans were given a false sense of hope, a confidence gainer you could think of."
Sajon Phoenixheart

A Hope Ring is a magic ring which dates back to the First Age. A handful of rings survived to the Third Age and were sold in stores whose owners usually weren't aware of their elaborate history. The rings gave elves a little bit more magic, dwarves more strength and humans a false sense of hope; they were basically confidence gainers.

Tiyana Natiya discovered in 1017 AE that the Hope Rings affected the Blood Fever and slowed down the sickness in infected elves, a fact which was also noted by the Totenkopfs who learned a bit more about the rings by interrogating Sajon Phoenixheart. After spending a night with Briss Phoenixheart, Tiyana received one of these rings from him, unaware of their history. Once Tiyana joined with the Dark Elves, the elves manipulated her to borrow her ring which was later given to Adela al-Saif who would use the ring and nine other Hope Rings to magically release Haruko Mizushima from imprisonment underneath Reign during the Day of the Damned festival.

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